Shaping Your Career By Knowing the Big Picture

Free Post Africa and Tech: Part 1 of 3

4 minute read

As Africans, we face many challenges when it comes to our career and professional life that many other people in the world don’t. Too many people let Africa’...

Putting your career strategy into action

Up or Out: Part 4 of 4

15 minute read

To recap, a career strategy is a way of thinking about your career moves so that each move gets you closer to your ultimate goals, even if things don’t pan o...

Building a navigation system for your career

Up or Out: Part 2 of 4

10 minute read

Your studies didn’t prepare you for it. Your boss isn’t going to do it for you. And it doesn’t happen simply by the passage of time, or by running on autopil...

Solving problems that matter

Free Post Up or Out: Part 1 of 4

11 minute read

Over the course of your life, you’re going to spend many of your young and able years working for an income: an estimated 80 000 hours. Your career might not...


Book review of Do. Fail. Learn. Repeat.

Free Post

3 minute read

In his refreshingly honest and engaging new book, Nic Haralambous tells us about his 15 year journey as an entrepreneur and why we need to think very differe...

0 to 1: Moving from idea to a viable product

Free Post Bootstraping your idea: Part 1 of 6

12 minute read

In this first of a 6-part series entitled Bootstrapping your idea, serial entrepreneur, author and master-bootstrapper Nic Haralambous takes us through the p...