Braving Fear, Bouncing Back

There come moments in life where we have to face something truly daunting: ending a long-standing relationship that has become harmful, making a major career change to step into the unknown or being forced to make one, taking on an uncomfortable lifestyle adjustment, or taking the plunge into a new big scary project. Then comes the question: Can I really do this? What if it doesn’t work out? Maybe I should just stay put and try to make it work?

Yes, many times in life things don’t work out the way we planned. And the fear we have from the thought of failure alone can keep us from living our truths and becoming our best selves. The reality is we will all experience adversity at some point in life: a setback, a curveball, a failure, a major loss. Sometimes it’s not because of something we’ve chosen, but rather something thrust upon us from nowhere. These are the low points in life, times when the world can feel like a dark and lonely place. When we’re in them, recovering can be a very long journey. But we do have the capacity to deal with and recover from adversity - we can bounce back.

We hear stories of people who have been through tremendous adversity yet in spite of that have gone on to achieve remarkable success - like Malala Yousafsai who survived a Taliban bullet to the head to become the world’s greatest campaigner for women’s right to education, or Phil Knight who had to endure eight hard years of failures and setbacks to build what is now the Nike company. But is their success in spite of their adversity, or rather because of it?

In this talk we want to explore what it is that makes some people more resilient to adversity, how we bounce back better and how developing this capacity can be one of our biggest assets in life.

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