Passion, Purpose and Getting Paid

If someone asks why you work the answer is likely to be either because you love what you do, you feel like you’re making a difference, or simply because it pays the bills. Sometimes it’s a bit of all three, and other times you’re just working until you figure out what you really want to do. But how do you get all three - your passion, your purpose and how you get paid - to line up? Is it possible to have all three at once or do you have to pick one or two at a time?

Our work at LifeCheq is about helping you design a life strategy - a game plan for getting the things you want in life. You might feel that your purpose is making a contribution in reducing inequality in the workplace, or creating better access to healthcare, or building a more sustainable environment; it could be giving your kids the best start in life, or you are still figuring it all out. You may be passionate about exploring a hidden musical talent you have or just want to explore far away places, delicious food and interesting people. So, what’s your game plan for getting all of this?

The most important thing is getting to a place where you own your time - having financial freedom allows you to do just that. It gives you the time to explore your passion and purpose more fully. Can you get financial freedom by climbing the corporate ladder quicker? Will a side hustle like property or a part-time online gig get you there? Or maybe you can turn your passion into something that pays, and start your own business? Do you have to wait for financial freedom first before you pursue your passion and purpose, or can you integrate them all?

We look at case studies featuring previous speakers like Former VC of University of Johannesburg Prof Ihron Rensburg, Corporate executive turned social entrepreneur Sizwe Nxasana and GetSmarter Co-founder Rob Paddock. We introduce real life stories from within the LifeCheq community, we present the data we’ve gathered into which side hustles actually work and which ones are fake news. We also explore which career trajectories get you to financial freedom or when it makes sense to jump ship or start your own thing, as well as other smart life hacks for getting to a place where you can combine your passion and purpose, while getting paid!

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