We should feel sorry for New Year’s resolutions. Small, beautiful little things brim-full of expectation, hope and vision, but doomed to live short, lonely, directionless lives. How can we help to give them a longer, more meaningful existence?

Every year, millions of New Year’s Resolutions (NYRs) take to the air on wafts of cakey, beery breath, crackling with optimism and good cheer. They fly in buzzing swarms. You know the names: The Lose Weights, The Self-Improvements, The Stop Smokings, The Live More Daringlys, The More Family Times, The Workout Mores, and The Learn Something News.

This year there are bound to be odd and interesting ones joining the usual bunch. A quick Google search will unearth articles like: “The 40 Best New Year’s Resolution Ideas for 2020”, “50 NYRs for single people”, and “2020 Money resolutions”. It’s enough to make your head spin. Some invite you to first take a quiz to “start 2020 off right”, which will be a problem for those of us who are planning to take less time-consuming quizzes next year.

But we all know from experience, even having diligently written our names on the first page of our 6 X 9, 90-page, New Year’s Resolution Journals, that NYRs don’t last. Most of them will survive fewer minutes than a game of 30-seconds. So short-lived are they, that any NYR that outlasts your average conga line should be netted, bottled, and labelled, and then sent on tour around the world like the Olympic torch.

However, just because they work out about as often as lightning strikes the same five-leafed clover half a dozen times, that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make them. Research suggests that there is a positive mental health aspect to making NYRs. Setting goals is good for the brain. And it is a good trait we share as human beings, this desire to make positive changes in our lives, this urge to always see the flickering light of hope, this ability to dream.

What’s not great is the crushing disappointment that comes with failing to achieve a goal, or worse, failing to even try to achieve it over and over again. And unfortunately, without a plan, an actionable roadmap, these goals and NYRs are doomed to fail.

On the other hand, if you take the time to create a map, a schedule, a plan, your NYRs will have a fighting chance!

So by all means make NYRs. Check your vision for yourself. Tell the universe 2020 is the year you take the next leap in your career, even if that means moving to a new city. Tell Saturn and Pluto that 2020 is the year you finally start your business. Shout it out from the roof tops with fireworks exploding in the background, white doves fluttering around, and streamers bursting colourfully in all directions.

We’ll help you to transform your vision from imagination and hope into real-world results. We’ll help you plan and achieve your most important life goals through highly personalised advice. We’ll give you access to a community of like-minded go-getters, all of whom believe in self-endeavour.

We’ll catch your resolutions before they fly away, land them in a sanctuary for endangered species, give them regular meals, and vigorous exercise. With us, there’s no feeling sorry for your resolutions. They’re mighty beasts now, not flickering dreams.

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