When you have five or ten years of professional experience the next big career move is a lot less obvious. Navigating it successfully can be very daunting - especially when you factor in what’s happening in life outside of your career - but it’s probably one of the most important decisions you will make in your working life.

The wrong move can mean you end up back where you started, but with a lot of debt to pay off and fewer lifestyle and career options left. Getting it right can not only give you a highly rewarding career, but also completely change your lifestyle options. Whether you’re thinking about studying further, starting your own thing, working overseas or doing something completely different, we show you how to develop a well thought-through career strategy.

We combine interviews with experienced executives, MBA alumni, entrepreneurs, our own research, and expertise from some leading South African companies to bring you a presentation you absolutely cannot miss! An event with LifeCheq for graduate professionals, entrepreneurs and business owners.

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